• Fully trained competent operators will be used to carry out the tasks as laid down within the contract. A contract manager and deputy will be appointed as a first and alternative point of call.
  • All work will be monitored by the quality assurance manager and recorded using the quality management system in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2008
  • We also hold environmental accreditation 14001:2004 and H&S 18001:2007.

Methods of Working

  • Upon arrival the working area is to be cordoned off using road cones and barrier tape. Warning signs are to be placed around the area of work to notify the public as to what type of work is being undertaken. The warning signs read ‘Caution, Steam Cleaning in Progress’ and ‘no entry’
  • Signs are always in accordance with ‘Traffic and Signs Manual Chapter 8’. If any members of the public enter the area of cleaning, operations will immediately cease and the operatives will request that the unauthorised public leave the working area. Only when the working location is clear of all unauthorised personnel will work recommence
  • Primoserve utilise a mobile steam-cleaning unit, which is capable of producing a working pressure of4,000psi, however we maintain a lower pressure of between 1,500 and 2,000psi and a working temperature of between 70˚ and 100˚C. The reasons why we utilise lower pressures is covered later
  • Our cleansing system operates at half the pressure of many of our competitors. Primoserve steam cleansing units have been developed to produce maximum quality whilst ensuring that pavement grouting and sand bedding are not damaged or compromised!
  • Areas will be steam cleaned and the chewing gum removed by operatives wearing Personal Protective Equipment. (P.P.E) which complies with safety standard EN 471
  • Operatives will be using a jetting lance, holding the lance approximately 3 inches away from the paving, lifting the chewing gum and surface dirt from the surface to be cleaned
  • Once all gum (and surface dirt) has been removed from a paving section a second ‘washing down’ process is employed whereby all removed dirt and debris are washed to the closet or most accessible drain
  • The method of ‘washing down’ can be either by lance washing or using a cost water hose
  • Primoserve regular operating shifts are between the hours of 6pm and 6am in non residential areas. In areas with residents we work between 6pm and 10pm and all equipment has been modified to reduce noise pollution
  • Operation hours are flexible and can be adapted to suit individual customers

Emergency/out of hours contact

  • An emergency/out of hours call will be made to the contracts manager in the first instance. If this number is unobtainable a further two numbers will be issued enabling guaranteed contact 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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