The hand driven PrimoServe Gum Genie has a working width of 70 cm (2 ft 4 ins) and has been specifically developed for the removal of chewing gum and severe pollution on horizontal surfaces in inner city areas (pavements, pedestrian zones and public places).

Contamination will be removed efficiently and thoroughly from all kinds of surfaces (asphalt, natural or colour dyed concrete stones and marble etc). Chewing gum will be removed on a wide scale, not individually.

Other kinds of persistent pollution such as sediments from bad weather influence, resin, oil traces, grease, chocolate and ice cream stains as well as annoying weed growth will also be eliminated.

Removal without damage

blurb5The PrimoServe Gum Genie is multi-functional with hot water and steam provided from a Genie Ultra 100, which is fed by a 15m hose. It provides dynamic thermal-processed mechanical cleaning with variable brushes and has a low water consumption of 220 l/h.

Contamination will be removed without damaging surface patina, joints or sealing. Because it operates with low pressure, pedestrians and surrounding shop windows, walls, benches, etc, are not affected.

PrimoServe Gum Genie specifications

  • Gasoline motor with hydraulic drive – working range / breadth: 700mm 5 PS Briggs & Stratton Intec 4-tact,
  • 1-cyl. OHV motor, 2,5 lt. /hour
  • Hydraulic with left – zero- and right run control plus speed control
  • Brush adjustment: 3 units – of either synthetic – brass- or fine wire brushes
  • Hydraulic drive: 0-0,5 km/h – 0-2 km/h
  • Cleansing achievement: depending on state of ground condition – up to 165 m²hour
  • Detergent tank: 18 lt.
  • Water consumption with special device depending on state of ground condition: ca. 3 to 4 l/minutes
  • Weight: 120kg

Genie Ultra 100 specifications

  • Steam generator / motor driven
  • Single cylinder, 4-tact motor, air-cooled,
  • Tank capacity: 3,6 l
  • Cubic capacity: 196 cm³ achievement 4,7 KW – 6,5 PS
  • Fuel consumption:1 l/h
  • Pump: 10 to 30 bar adjustable
  • Water consumption: up to 4 l/m
  • Boiler: 20 l 90KW, Oil heated: 5 l/h diesel/oil Temperature: 100°C up to 175°C;
  • Diesel oil tank: 20 l
  • Steam pressure: up to max. 16bar
  • Weight: 145 KG
  • Two person operation

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